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Welcome to the Online Human Resources Procedures Guide.

This online guide will provide you with the steps and processes required to maneuver through a myriad of Human Resource activities.

While this guide is available to provide information at your fingertips, Human Resources staff is always available to address your questions and concerns.

Topic Description
Employment Actions Within this section are the processes for creating or replacing a position; reorganization/reclassification of a position; the recruitment/screening process and evaluation process.
Leave of Absence Actions that relate to leave of absence by District employees.
Safety, Wellness and Workers' Compensation Safety, Wellness and Workers' Compensation for KCCD employees.
Paychecks Issues with payroll checks such as lost, not received, error, or direct deposit set-up.
Benefits This topic covers information related to Employee Benefits.
Job Changes Actions that relate to requested changes to a current position.
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Online Training for Employees and Students

This district wide web-based training program will provide employees and students with training in the areas of employee safety, CLEARY Act, sexual harassment, and FEMA.