Topic Description
Sick Leave Absence for employee illness or medical visit.
Vacation Leave Vacation Leave is for approved time off.
Personal Necessity Leave Personal Necessity Leave is used for business of a compelling nature or funeral not covered by Bereavement.
Floating Holiday Floating Holiday is granted each year beginning in July to Classified employees.
Bereavement Leave Bereavement may be used for the death or funeral of a family member per bargaining unit contract.
Jury Duty and Court Appearances Jury Duty and Court Appearances
Compensatory Time Compensatory time may be used if available in your leave balance.
Family Care Leave Eligible employees who have completed 1 year of continuous service may request up to 6 months of unpaid leave in a 24 month period to care for a child, parent, or spouse.
Child Rearing Leave Upon approval, request may be granted up to a maximum of 12 months unpaid leave to care for a child.
Child Adoption Leave Upon approval, request may be granted up to 60 days of unpaid leave, commencing anytime within one week prior to taking custody of the child.
Educational Leave Upon approval of eligible employees, request may be granted not to exceed the equivalent of 1 year for the purpose of permitting study by the employee or for the purpose of retraining the employee. The employee will be compensated at a reduced rate depending on the length of leave.
Military Leave Military leave shall be granted to employees in accordance with applicable state and federal law.