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Jury Duty and Court Appearances

Upon submission of proof, an employee shall be entitled to time off without loss of pay to serve on a jury, to appear as a witness in court other than as a litigant, when duly served with a subpoena, or to respond to an official order from another governmental jurisdiction for matters that were not initiated, supported, or sanctioned by the employee. Such time off shall include any actual and necessary travel time from the regular place of employment to the court or hearing place designated in the jury summons, subpoena, or official order.

Employees are required to report to work during regular hours preceding and immediately following jury duty service or court appearance, unless the work time involved is less than one (1) hour, or unless prior authorization has been obtained from the Chancellor/designee. In no case will an employee be required to perform jury duty service and work time service for more than his/her normal work hours. (Example: An eight-hour (8-hour) employee who serves five (5) hours of jury duty, including travel time both ways, would be required to perform three (3) hours of work time service.)