Vacation Leave


A full-time (40 hours per week) classified service employee working more than one-half (½) the workdays in a month shall receive vacation based on the formulas in sections 9K1A, 9K1B and 9K1C of the CSEA contract. Vacation for less than full-time employees will be prorated.

Vacation days for less than five (5) complete years of service [through the completion of the fourth (4th) year of service] are to be figured at the rate of six (6) hours and forty (40) minutes per month [two (2) weeks per year].

Vacation during the fifth (5th) through ninth (9th) years of service calculated at the rate of ten (10) hours per month [three (3) weeks per year].

Vacation from the completion of nine (9) years of service [from the beginning of the tenth (10th) year] calculated at the rate of thirteen (13) hours and twenty (20) minutes per month [four (4) weeks per year].

Please see Article 9K-VACATION of the CSEA Agreement.

1. Fill out Classified Absence Report

When an employee has requested and supervisor has approved vacation time off, fill out the absence report with the code "V" for vacation.

2. Turn in Absence Report to Supervisor

Turn in completed absence report to your supervisor for signature.

3. Turn in to Campus Human Resources Office

Once supervisor has approved and signed forward the absence report to the campus human resources office for posting of time.

4. Absence Report to District Payroll

Absence reports are forwarded to the district payroll office for auditing and posting.