Family Care Leave

Family Care Leave

All employees who have completed one (1) year of continuous service for the District shall be entitled to a maximum of six (6) months of unpaid family care leave in a twenty-four-(24)-month period as provided by law. Family Care Leave is available for the following reasons:

• Care of the child of the employee following the birth of that child.

• The placement of a child with the employee for adoption or foster/adoption program.

• Serious illness of the child of the employee.

• Care for a parent or spouse who has a serious health condition.

• A serious health condition that makes the employee unable to perform the functions of his/her position.

The total time provided in Family Care Leave shall run concurrently with the leave provided in Emergency Leave, Disability Pregnancy Leave, Child Rearing Leave and Child Adoption Leave.

If the need for Family Care Leave is foreseeable, the employee shall provide the District with reasonable advance notice of the need for the leave.

If the need is foreseeable due to planned medical treatment, the employee shall make a reasonable effort to schedule the treatment to avoid disruption of work schedule.

The following time constraints shall apply to Family Care Leave.

Except for special circumstances approved by the Board of Trustees, the leave must be taken in a consecutive time block rather than intermittent.

The Family Care Leave does not constitute a break in service for seniority or longevity.

During the time of leave, the District will continue to provide health and welfare benefits at the same contribution rate as an active employee.

1. Fill out Classified and Confidential and Management Absence Report

When an employee has requested and supervisor has approved vacation time off, fill out the absent report with the code "FN" for family necessity leave.

2. Turn in Absence Report to Supervisor

Turn in completed absence report to your supervisor for signature.

3. Turn in to Campus Human Resources Office

Once supervisor has approved and signed forward the absence report to the campus human resources office for posting of time.

4. Absence Report to District Payroll

Absence reports are forwarded to the district payroll office for auditing and posting.