Jury Duty

Absence without loss of pay shall be granted to employees (1) to serve jury duty, (2) to appear as a witness in court other than as a litigant and (3) to respond to an official order from another governmental jurisdiction for reasons not brought about through connivance or misconduct of the employee.

1. Fill out Confidential and Management Absence Report

When an employee is ill or has a medical appointment, sick leave can be used. Fill out the absence report with the code "J" for Jury Duty.

2. Turn in Absence Report to Supervisor

Turn in completed absence report to your supervisor for signature.

3. Turn in to Campus Human Resources Office

Once supervisor has approved and signed forward the absence report to the campus human resources office for posting of time.

4. Absence Report to District Payroll

Absence reports are forwarded to the district payroll office for auditing and posting.