Personal Necessity Leave

Personal Necessity

Earned sick leave to a maximum of seven (7) days each fiscal year may be used by the employee in cases of personal necessity.
To arrange for proper coverage of the assignment, when possible, it is expected that the employee shall secure prior approval from his/her immediate supervisor for use of personal necessity leave as defined in Policies 10F2B2A and 10F2B2B.
   -10F2B2A Appearance in any court or before any administrative tribunal as a litigant or party that does not involve payment to the employee for services.
   -10F2B2B Personal business of a compelling nature that cannot be conducted outside of normal work assignment hours and does not involve payment to the employee for services.

If prior approval is not obtained, pursuant to Board Policy 10F2B2A, the employee, upon return to work or within three (3) days, shall report the nature of the absence. If the absence does not meet the provisions of Policies 10F2B2A or 10F2B2B, the employee may have a deduction in pay.

The employee shall not be required to have advanced permission for personal necessity leave for the following reasons:
  -Death or serious illness of a member of the immediate family when additional leave is required beyond that provided by law. Immediate family shall be construed to have the same meaning as identified under bereavement in Policy 10F2C of the Board Policy Manual.
  -Accident involving the person or property of the employee or the person or property of a member of the immediate family.

1. Fill out Confidential and Management Absence Report

When an employee is ill or has a medical appointment, sick leave can be used. Fill out the absence report with the code "P" for personal necessity.

2. Turn in Absence Report to Supervisor

Turn in completed absence report to your supervisor for signature.

3. Turn in to Campus Human Resources Office

Once supervisor has approved and signed forward the absence report to the campus human resources office for posting of time.

4. Absence Report to District Payroll

Absence reports are forwarded to the district payroll office for auditing and posting.